Workout of The Week (Robben- 8/12/19)

This short workout is named after Arjen Robben, and is designed to help increase your speed and explosiveness.

Warm Up: FIFA 11+

Speed Portion: 6 rounds of:

  • 20m Sprint
  • 90s rest 

Strength Portion: 3 rounds of:

Scaling Options: If this workout is too easy, increase the side to curtsy lunges to 8e or 10e. If it is too hard, take longer rest periods and do standard push ups instead of plyo push ups.


Why You Can’t Play Soccer (well) with One Eye

In a odd turn of events, two elite soccer players suffered eye injuries last week. Theo Walcott and Roberto Firminho both were left with gruesome injuries that left their managers no choice but to send them to the bench.

Well the question is why? We all have two eyes, so why not just play with one eye closed? The key here is depth perception- being able to see out of both eyes allows your brain to judge exactly how far away something is. Read More