In Person Training

This in person training program is ideal for both soccer players & active individuals who want to train side-by-side with Andy. Sessions can take place either at a soccer field, or in a local fitness center. I am available for sessions in the northern NJ area.

  • This Package Is:
  • Complete soccer specific exercise program
  • 1 on 1 sessions to target your specific goals
  • Will improve your speed, strength, stamina
  • Sessions on the pitch or in the gym
  • Includes 30 minute physical evaluation & baseline testing
  • Is available to small groups
  • Cost: $75/session

Online Training

This online training program is ideal for soccer players between the ages of 13-25. Athletes anywhere from the recreational to professional level can benefit from an individual, personalized, soccer specific program to improve physical performance.

  • This Package Is:
  • Complete soccer specific exercise program
  • 100% personalized to your specific needs
  • Will improve your speed, strength, stamina
  • Tailored to your individual in-season & off-season needs
  • Includes initial 30 minute virtual consult
  • Includes 15 minute weekly virtual check-ins
  • Cost: $150/month

Experience With:

Experience With:

About Andy

Dr. Andy Seraphin is a physical therapist, fitness coach, and soccer coach. His goal is to make soccer players stronger, faster, and as healthy as possible.

Dr. Andy Seraphin holds the following degrees and certifications:

  • Duke University- Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • Temple University- BS Exercise Science
  • US Soccer- Grassroots Coach
  • NSCA- Strength & Conditioning Specialist
  • United Soccer Coaches- Performance Coach

Past Client Reviews

Andy does a great job individualizing the workouts for you and he really helped me prepare for my upcoming soccer season. I’ve had an awesome experience and I would recommend this to any athlete!
McKenzie D.
Marietta College
Believe it or not this guy works miracles. He has the right workouts for whatever results you want. Andy helped me put on more muscle and gain extra strength in 1 month of work.
Lauron M.
Union Community College
The Futbol Physios created an 8-week workout program for me and I saw huge, noticeable changes. It was adjusted slightly on a weekly basis too, so I knew they were paying attention to my progress and changing needs. If you are self-disciplined, this program will do wonders.
Cameran A.
Washington DC