Adama Traore’s Dislocated Shoulder: Injury Breakdown

02 Feb

Adama Traore is an absolute beast. But even beasts can go down injured- read on to find out how Adama Traore injured both his shoulder and lower leg during this week’s match vs. Manchester United.

According to Wolves manager Nuno Santo, Traore dislocated his shoulder during the first half of their most recent match vs. Manchester United. The medical staff was able to put his shoulder back in place, and he was able to continue on with the match.

This is not the first time Traore has dislocated his shoulder- in fact he suffered the same injury just last month vs. Tottenham.

Repeat shoulder dislocations are much more common than you would think. Athletes who tend to dislocate their joints tend to have a little bit more laxity- meaning the ligaments around their joints are slightly more flexible. Furthermore, when the ligaments around a joint are damaged, they tend to become slightly more lax- which adds to the problem.

Fortunately, the medical staff was able to put the shoulder back in place, and he was able to continue on with the match. However, late in the second half he suffered a knock to the lower leg, and had to be subbed off.

Going forward, Traore will likely have increase his shoulder strength to increase the stability of his shoulder joint. Although he already has massive shoulder muscles, his rehab will likely focus on strengthening the rotator cuff. This group of muscles surround the shoulder joint, and are responsible for keeping the shoulder in its socket during movement.

Rotator Cuff Muscles

As far as estimating how long he will be out- the medical staff will likely go either one or two ways:

  1. Shut Traore down for a short period of time to allow the shoulder time to heal
  2. Allow him to play, but eliminate activities that may cause shoulder pain- like throw-ins and full contact drills

Nonetheless, he’ll likely be back to 100% soon.