Andre Gomes’ Gruesome Leg Injury

03 Nov


Andre Gomes suffered a terrible lower leg injury this weekend vs. Tottenham. While racing for the ball, he first collided first with Son Heung Min who flew in with a slide tackle. Gomes evaded the tackle, but then Serge Aurier challenged for the ball, which caused this horrific injury.

It is now confirmed that Gomes has fractured and dislocated both his tibia and fibula bones. Look below, and you can see his foot and ankle are twisted off to the side. He was immediately stretchered off and was taken to the hospital.

Let’s hope that the lower leg fracture is the extent of his injury though, as it is possible muscles, nerves, and blood vessels were injured as well.

Thoughts go out to Andre Gomes at this time, and I wish him a fast and full recovery.

Likely Fractured Bones (Tibia and Fibula)