Danny Welbeck’s Freak Ankle Injury

09 Nov

Something gruesome happened to Danny Welbeck last night during their Europa League matchup vs. Sporting. After challenging for an incoming ball, Welbeck’s right ankle got stuck under him, and what resulted was a horrible ankle injury.

It’s not pleasant to look at, at all. But let’s analyze what happened here. There are 3 possible scenarios:

  1. Welbeck broke his lower leg bones (tibia and fibula) which resulted in his ankle turning outward
  2. Welbeck tore several ligaments, which resulted in him dislocating his ankle
  3. Worst case scenario: Welbeck broke his leg AND tore several ligaments

We won’t know for sure exactly what happened until Arsenal releases their official medical report. We do know that the pain was so bad that Welbeck was put on an oxygen mask while still on the pitch. Regardless of which injury it is, Welbeck will almost certainly require surgery and will undoubtedly be out for the remainder of the season. Get well soon, Welbz!