Neymar Ruled OUT of Copa America With Ankle Injury

06 Jun

Neymar’s health struggles continue as he has been ruled out the 2019 Copa America with a serious ankle injury. The Brazilian megastar sprained his ankle while trying to avoid a slide tackle in a recent friendly vs. Qatar.

According to the Brazilian federation, Neymar ruptured an ankle ligament, and by looking at the film, it looks like he damaged his lateral ankle ligaments.

The lateral ligaments are on the outside of your ankle, and are damaged during an ankle sprain. The severity of this injury can vary: It can anywhere from a minor ankle sprain (1-2 week recovery) to complete tear which may require surgery & rehab.

Lateral Ankle Ligaments

It seems like Neymar is prone to injury on his right side. Of the 7 major lower body injuries he has had, 5 of them have been on his right side.

We wish Neymar best of luck in his recovery, and look forward to seeing him in the coming season.