Ter Stegen: Knee Surgery Review

18 Aug

Marc-André ter Stegen will soon undergo surgery to recover from a long-standing knee problem.  He’s been battling a knee issue for a while now- in fact, he’s been playing through pain since May of 2019. Although the club hasn’t disclosed the exact problem with his knee, we do know that the issue lies within the patellar tendon.

This tendon is what connects your quad muscles to your lower leg. Issues  tend to arise when athletes repeatedly expose themselves to high loads of training or have weakness in the knee, hips, or core. Typically, this is injury is treated conservatively through physical therapy by reducing training load and increasing muscle strength.

However, given Barcelona’s match schedule for the past year, combined with the fact that these injuries typically progress pretty slowly, reducing his training wasn’t the best option for the club or the player. This was why back in December of 2019, both parties made an agreement to have the surgery after the Euros, which have since been canceled.

As far as the details for the surgery, he will likely undergo what is called a tendon debridement. This is a relatively simple procedure where a surgeon cleans up any parts of the tendon that may be frayed or damaged. It’ll take at least 2-3 months for ter Stegen to recover from this procedure, but if it can permanently resolve his knee issue, it’ll be well worth it.