Broken Foot: What’s Next for Ben Simmons

06 Oct

Just last week, the Philadelphia 76ers No. 1 draft pick injured his foot during the final day of training camp. Further examinations proved that Simmons suffered a Jones Fracture; which is a fracture near the base of the 5th metatarsal.

jones fx.jpg

Simmons already underwent successful surgery, where a screw was placed to keep the bones in place. The surgery was performed by Dr. Martin O’Malley of the Hospital of Special Surgery, who also performed foot surgeries for other NBA superstars such as Brook Lopez and Kevin Durant.

X-Ray of Jones Fracture Screw Placement

So what’s next for Simmons? The Sixers have not given any sort of timetable for his rookie debut. This unsurprising considering the team’s history of being quite cautious in bringing rookies back from injury. There are even rumors swirling that his agent wants to have him sit the entire season.

Expect at least three to four months of rest and recovery, followed by intensive conditioning to get him back into NBA shape. Best of luck to the future superstar!