How Steph Curry Sped Up His MCL Recovery

10 May

It is no secret that Steph Curry is a phenomenon. The now two-time NBA MVP plays a critical role in the Golden State Warriors’ quest to a second straight NBA Championship. So when Curry went down with an apparent knee injury in game 4 in the first round of the playoffs, there was much concern as to how it would impact the remainder of the Warriors’ postseason.

Thankfully, Curry’s injury was not as severe as it seemed. An MRI scan revealed that he suffered an  MCL sprain in his right knee. The MCL is a ligament on the inside of the knee that helps keeps the knee stable during side to side movement. Luckily for Curry, he only suffered a grade 1 sprain of the MCL, which means the majority of the fibers in the MCL remained intact.


The standard recovery time for a grade 1 sprain can sometimes be up to 3 weeks, which means that the all-star point guard could have missed up to 9 playoff games- a risk that both Curry and The Warriors’ could not afford to take. As a result, the medical staff decided to take a unique approach to this injury by using a treatment called Platelet-Rich Plasma Treatment (PRP).

PRP treatment involves taking a blood sample from a patient, removing the platelets from the blood, and injecting the platelets into the site of the injury. The platelets allow for accelerated recovery of the MCL by promoting growth of new fibers and blood vessels. This treatment allowed for Curry to recover, come back to an elite level of fitness, and come back to the playoffs in just 2 short weeks. Shimmy on, Steph!