About the Program

Fuel for Football provides optimal nutritional guidance for futbol players of all ages who are looking to reach their peak performance. Fueling your body correctly is essential for maximizing athletic potential on both training & match days. Our custom guide will provide you with the tools you need to eat & perform like a professional player.

  • Our Nutrition Guides Are:
  • Made by a Certified Precision Nutrition Coach
  • Custom to your age, sex, weight, and fitness goals
  • Includes two phone calls with a nutrition coach
  • Teaches you how to eat well on a budget
  • Advice for nutrition during training days, game days, and off days
  • Includes options for vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free diets
  • Cost: $60/nutrition guide

An Example Guide

Experience With:

About Mohammed

Mohammed Ameen is a nutrition coach, fitness coach, and soccer coach. His goal is to make soccer players stronger, faster, and as healthy as possible. Mohammed has experience playing soccer at the collegiate and semi-professional level.He can be found on Instagram here.

Coach Mohammed has the following certifications and experiences:

  • Shaw University- BS Exercise Science
  • Precision Nutrition- Level 1 Coach
  • Athletic Lab- Sport Performance Coach
  • North Carolina FC- Youth Coach
  • DC United- Soccer Operations

Past Client Reviews

Mohammed was extremely professional and most importantly made himself available for whenever I needed him. I will use a lot of what I’ve learned from him and incorporate it into my daily life
Fayyaz C.
Los Angeles, CA
The guide that Mo designed for me was awesome. I had already had some prior knowledge with structuring meal plans and how much protein to consume, but I was never sure about how I should progress, when I should refeed, and how important the type of macro I was eating.

This guide was super helpful in helping me make smart eating choices and I feel very good because of it. Mo was really responsive and helpful to answer any of my questions. I would highly recommend this guide to anyone, regardless of nutritional goals.
Parsa S.
Charlottesville, VA