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A next-generation physio for the next generation of soccer players.

Dr. Andy Seraphin is a physical therapist and fitness coach who specializes in helping soccer players get stronger, faster, and recover from injury. He currently works full time at a local elite soccer academy, and sees private clientele during his off-hours.

Andy believes that many soccer players lack access to proper sport-specific rehab and fitness training. Andy aims to provide these services in a data-driven way to players in the NJ-NYC area, as well as worldwide. 

In addition to his clinical work, Andy produces content for over 15,000 of his Instagram followers, and co-hosts the Soccer Fitness Experience, a podcast with over 30,000 downloads.

Andy holds a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Duke University, as well as a BS in Exercise Science from Temple University. He also holds a certification as a specialist in Sports (SCS), which less than 1% of Physical Therapists hold.

He also speaks basic Spanish and Haitian Creole.

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My Full Story

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Soccer has always been part of my life and my identity. Growing up, I was both an avid fan and player. Soccer became part of my DNA during my childhood, high school, and even college, as I continued to play and study the game while earning my degree in Exercise Science at Temple University.

Later, when I attended Duke University to earn my Doctorate in Physical Therapy, I, once again, fell in love with the game– but from a different perspective. A sports medicine one. I’ve always been interested in this field, but by the beginning of my second year in my doctoral program, I became driven to become the best soccer physical therapist and fitness coach that I could possibly be.

This passion led to a life-changing opportunity with Duke University’s renowned soccer medical program (FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence), where I learned from the physical therapists, athletic trainers, and physicians on the sidelines of several matches. By my second year, which was also my most difficult year, I not only excelled academically, but spent an extra 200 hours volunteering in the athletic training room at North Carolina FC (one of the best youth clubs in the nation) and an additional 400 hours interning at Athletic Lab (the fitness and performance partner of North Carolina FC and NC Courage).

I graduated and passed the boards in 2020 – in the midst of the Pandemic – however this only fueled me to start my own business. I launched The Futbol Physios, a revolutionary LLC that provided virtual workouts for soccer clubs and college teams around the nation, to great success and also began conducting remote training sessions for soccer players of all levels (from amateur to professional) around the world. Additionally, I became the leading medical provider for a newly-formed, semi-professional team in Hudson County and helped develop and implement their fitness and medical protocols.  

However, despite my early career achievements, I knew that to provide the best possible care for my patients, that I needed experience in an elite sporting environment. So, in the spring of 2021, I left my full-time job at a local physical therapy clinic and the semi-professional soccer club to move to Orlando, FL for a year of intense residency training with Orlando Health and Orlando City SC.

But now, I’m back.

I work full time for an elite local soccer academy, and I’m ready to provide the same professional services that I’ve given to numerous teams and organizations to you and your loved ones.

Because, I fully, wholeheartedly, believe that my purpose is to help ALL soccer players (regardless of age, gender, ability or socioeconomic status) get stronger, faster, and recover from injury, so that they can play 90 minutes at their physical best.

If you’re a young athlete who wants to return to 100 percent after a knee injury, I can help. If you’re a high school player who wants to increase your speed and power to make the varsity team, I can help.

If you’re a player who aspires to reach the highest levels in professional soccer, I can help. And if you’re a parent who hasn’t been able to enjoy playing Sunday league or coaching your kids because of hip or back pain, I can help.

So, let’s connect. Let’s get to work. Let’s get you back to the field. 

  • Fun

    In both fitness & rehab, having fun is a priority. We want everyone to enjoy every session, and we incorporate games & interactive drills whenever possible. Being injured is tough enough itself- fitness & rehab should be enjoyable whenever possible!

  • Intensity

    Often times, traditional injury rehab is lacking in the intensity to bring you back to the field at 100%. Rest assured, that won't be an issue here. We match our intensity for both fitness & rehab to the level of play that you need to return to.

  • Data Driven

    What sets us apart from traditional rehab & fitness providers is our focus on objective data. We have the technology to collect data typically reserved for professional players, and the experience to know how to use it to improve your health & performance.

  • Inclusive

    The beautiful game is truly meant for everyone. Whether you're a top academy player who is trying to go pro, or a sunday league adult player, we can help.

    All ages, ability levels, genders, races, and identities are welcome here.

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Experience With:

Orlando City Academy, Orlando City B, North Carolina FC Academy, North Carolina Courage, Duke University Club Sports, and MLS Next/Next Pro teams in the NJ/NYC Area.

Education and Certifications Include:

Doctorate in Physical Therapy, Sports Clinical Specialist (SCS), FIFA Medical Diploma, Certified Fitness Coach (CSCS), US Soccer Grassroots Coach