One on One Services

In Person Offerings

  • Physical Therapy

    Receive 1-on-1 rehab for your injury. We see all injuries including ACL rupture, meniscus tears, ligament sprains, muscle strains, tendon injuries, and joint dislocations.
    We utilize the most up to date methods of rehab including strength training, manual therapy, dry needling, and blood flow restriction.

  • Return to Sport Training

    Often times, athletes are left on their own in the later stages of ACL/long term rehab, with no guide to safely transition from the clinic to the field.
    Return to play sessions focus on bridging that gap, by doing training sessions at a soccer field designed to safely build fitness back up to 90 minutes.

  • Athlete Profiling Testing

    We can assess speed, agility, power, strength, and endurance for both injured and health athletes.
    We can also use advanced growth and maturation formulas to predict growth spurts, future adult height, and other important metrics.

  • Concussion Rehab

    Recieve top-class concussion rehab and safely return to school, work, and sports.

  • Injury Prevention Screen

    Receive an injury screen to see which body parts may be at risk of injury and get a custom prehab program.

  • Maintenance + Recovery

    Receive therapeutic modalities such as soft tissue massage, dry needling, joint manipulation, and manual therapy.

1-on-1 Remote Fitness & Rehab

This premier service is for those who want to work virtually with Andy 1-on-1 to achieve their fitness or rehab goals.

You get weekly contact and feedback directly from Dr. Andy. Your entire program is tailored to you, your injury history, your equipment, and your goals.

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Our Location

The Futbol Physios holds all in person rehab services at Hudson Speed School in Jersey City. We have a full variety of fitness equipment that allow for any athlete to dominate their goals.

Located below Cast Iron Lofts
837 Jersey Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07310

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Experience With:

Orlando City Academy, Orlando City B, North Carolina FC Academy, North Carolina Courage, Duke University Club Sports, and MLS Next/Next Pro teams in the NJ/NYC Area.


What Makes Your Rehab Unique?

First and foremost, rehab at The Futbol Physios is 1-on-1 care at all times, no exceptions. We work for our clients, and are not bound by insurance restrictions.

Additionally, our evaluation processes are driven by objective data, all of which is shared with every client.

Additionally, Dr. Andy also has experience working with 3 of the top youth clubs on the east coast, and currently works with the best players in NJ daily.

What Technology Do You Use?

We have access to:

  • Blood flow restriction
  • GPS monitoring
  • Jump analysis
  • Heart rate monitors
  • Handheld dynamometry
  • Remote training apps
  • Advanced growth and maturation equipment

Where Do Return to Sport Sessions Occur?

Return to sport field sessions can take place at fields local to Hoboken/Jersey City including Sinatra Park, 1600 Park, Hoboken Resilency Park, Washington Park, and Laurel Hill Park.

How Long Are Your Sessions?

For rehab, most sessions are 60 minutes of full 1-on-1 care (no exceptions). Shorter maintenance sessions are available when appropriate.

Return to play and fitness sessions are always 60 minutes.

What Is Your Pricing for In Person Services?

60 minute session - $120

Special discounts available for multi-session packages and clubs partnered with The Futbol Physios.

HSA/FSA cards are accepted. Superbills for insurance reimbursement are available upon request.

What is Your Pricing for Online/Remote Services?

Monthly Rate - $225

HSA/FSA cards are accepted for injury rehab.

Why Don't You Accept Insurance?

We don't let insurance dictate care. By choosing to not accept insurance, we can:

  • See you immediately without a referral or approvals from insurance
  • Give you 1-on-1 care for your entire appointment
  • Recover from injury faster AND with less visits

You'll never be passed off onto an aide, tech, or student, and you'll be with the same therapist every visit.