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Podcast: Soccer Fitness Experience

The Soccer Fitness Experience is a podcast dedicated to sharing information about how soccer players can perform at their best. This podcast is hosted by Dr. Andy Seraphin, Dr. Bergomy Jeannis, and Dr. Sebastian Gil. Be sure to subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google, Audible, or Pandora for weekly episodes!

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Media Features

Podcast Interviews

- PT Pintcast episode on why PTs should support local programs

- #SoccerChat episode on how strength and conditioning can help youth footballers

- Goleline episode on training with a purpose

- The Lion's Mane episode all about (p)rehab

- Keep The Game Beautiful episode about youth soccer and enjoying the game

- Less Talk More Work episode about improving your game while being injured

- R2P Academy episode on mentorship, clinical passion, and PT residency

- Tactical Foul episode on youth injury burnout

- Online PT Side Hustle episode on Instagram strategies for healthcare providers

- Pre-PT Grind episode on how and why Andy got accepted to Duke University's PT program

- Previous co-host of the Fantasy Doctors Soccer Podcast

Article & Blog Features

- GQ article on Shin Splints

- Soccerology article on how healthcare students can work in football

Scientific Research

- Benefits and Harms of Short-Term International Academic Experiences Among Rehabilitation Students: A Systematic Review (pubmed)

- More to come. Stay tuned.