3 Simple Tips to Reduce Injury Risk in Soccer

26 Feb

In sports, there are two main types of injuries: contact injuries, and non-contact injuries. Contact injuries that come from instances like slide tackles or late challenges can’t always be avoided. But non-contact injuries certainly can be! Read on for three things soccer players can do to reduce their risk of injury:

Tip 1: Improve Your Warmup

The warm-up is regarded by some as the most important part of a training session. It helps boost the body’s internal temperature and prime the body for movement. To decrease injury risk, soccer players should warm up every muscle in the body that will be used in the gym or on the pitch. Furthermore, it is scientifically proven that a proper warmup can significantly decrease injury risk.

Tip 2: Do Strength Training

Working out in the gym (or at home) is key to getting stronger. Soccer players should concentrate on full body workouts to stimulate as much muscle as possible. When training legs, be sure to include single leg exercises for both balance and strength. This will improve leg power and stability, which reduces your risk of injury. Upper body and core are also necessary! The core is involved in controlling our trunk and pelvis, while upper body allows us to sprint, push off opponents, and change direction efficiently.

Tip 3: Have a Proper Recovery

Being an active soccer player is a tough task for young athletes to handle. Time spent both in the gym and on the pitch demands that the body spend considerable time and resources to ensure full recovery from a training session. To decrease injury risk, soccer players must participate in the basics of recovery, which include nutrition, hydration, and sleep. Nutrition and hydration provide the body with the raw materials it needs for not only muscle repair, but growth and recovery as well. Proper sleep allows your body the space and time it needs to use these materials to complete the recovery process.

Summary: To decrease your injury risk, improve your warm up, start strength training, and leave ample time for your body to recover between sessions.