4 Tips for Soccer Players to Avoid Dehydration

04 Jan

Staying hydrated is absolutely essential for ALL athletes. When most people think of athltes staying hydrated, they think of drinking water or Gatorade during training- when it is really a much deeper topic than that. Read on to find out how you can stay hydrated!

Tip #1 Check Your Hydration Level:

An easy way to check your hydration level is to check the color of your pee! Yeah, you read that right- so next time you go pee, check what color it is! It should ideally be either clear or slightly yellow. If its any darker than that, you’re likely dehydrated.

Tip #2 Carry a Water Bottle with You at All Times:

This tip is key to ensure you constantly sip water throughout the day. Once you get into this habit, you’ll stay hydrated throughout your work or school day! I like to have 2 water bottles- one I can leave at home, and one I can leave at school- that way I don’t have to remember to bring it with me!

Tip #3 Check Your Fluid Loss After Training:

Did you know you can check exactly how much water weight you lost after a training session? It’s pretty easy! All you have to do is weigh yourself before training starts, and weigh yourself immediately after. The difference between the two weights is all water weight! For every 1kg in weight you lost, be sure to drink 1 liter of water to fully rehydrate. 

Tip #4 Avoid Drinks That Dehydrate You:

Yes, its true- some drinks can actually dehydrate you! Highly caffeinated beverages can cause you to lose fluid faster. Same goes for some sodas and juices. However, the worst culprit may be alcohol- it dries out your system super quick! So be sure not to have a crazy night out before a training session or game.

Summary: Check the color of your pee every time you go to the bathroom. Carry water with you at all times. Furthermore, it may be a good idea to check how much fluid you lose during training. And don’t drink things (caffeine and alcohol) that might dehydrate you before a game.