Does Kinesiotape Really Work?

08 Jan

Kinesiotape has been around for a while- and tons of professional players like to use it. It is elastic tape that can be applied to your body, with the goal of improving your performance. Does it really work? Read on to find out:

The Claims:

Often times, kinesiotape companies claim that the tape can have several benefits, such as improving strength, increasing muscle activation, and providing support. However, research has shown that almost all of these are false claims. In fact, there have been several cases of kinesiotape companies being sued for false advertising, as their product simply does not do what they said it does.

So, Why Do Athletes Still Use It?

It is very possible that if a soccer player truly believes the tape will help their performance, that it actually will. Its called the placebo effect– and its very real. Just simply believing something may help your health or performance may actually cause it to do so! Also, it may be a part of an athlete’s pre-game ritual. Furthermore- not all tape is the same! There are different types of tape, and depending on where on the body it is applied, the effects may be slightly different.

Summary: Kinesiotape doesn’t do most of the things it advertises it does. However, some athletes may still use it because they truly believe it works- and if they believe in it, it really could!