How Conor McGregor is Training to Fight Floyd Mayweather:

15 Jun

The megafight is on.

On August 26th, Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor will finally face off in Las Vegas, Nevada. With the world’s most anticipated fight of all time looming, one must wonder: how in the world has Conor McGregor, a lifelong MMA fighter, training to become a boxer?

Since Mayweather and McGregor are both quite similar in height and weight, the fight will be done in the light middleweight class. As McGregor is currently listed as just above the 154lb cutoff mark, he will have to drop a few pounds before weigh-in.


In addition, McGregor has significantly altered his training protocol. His trainers have designed his own “High Performance Training Program” which includes three training zones based on McGregor’s resting heart rate.

The three training zones (green, yellow, and red), are designed to improve both McGregor’s endurance and raw power, which will both be critical in the fight against the undefeated Floyd.

As an MMA fighter, McGregor’s raw-power capabilities are unmatched. However, he is going to need to significantly improve his endurance if he hopes to compete with the defensive minded Mayweather. This is likely why McGregor’s team has implemented rowing and cycling into his workouts.

Will this rigorous program be enough to stop Mr. 49-0? We will find out on August 26th.