How Plyometric Training Benefits Soccer Players

04 Jan

Plyometrics are often a popular choice among soccer players to improve their performance. Want to know exactly how? Note: it’s important that you have at least some background in strength training before you do plyometrics. A solid strength background will allow you to reap the benefits of plyometrics. Read on to find out how plyos can help you as a player!

Benefit #1: Improves Power

Plyometrics will help to increase the amount of power you can generate! Being strong is one thing- all you have to do is produce a lot of force. But to be powerful, you have to produce that same amount of force quickly. This is what plyometric training is all about- producing high amounts of force quickly!

Benefit #2: Improves Speed

It is true that plyometrics can help you get faster! Sprinting is a very explosive activity. In fact- each and every step you take in a sprint is a plyometric movement. So, by putting plyos into your training, you are training your body to become more explosive, which can turn you into a faster player.

Benefit #3: Improves Agility

What’s just as important as being fast? Being agile. Let’s be real, you’re a soccer player, not a track and field sprinter. You’re going to have to do more than run in a straight line for 100 meters. You’re going to have to change direction- and you’re going to have to it quickly. Guess what- every time you change direction you’re likely generating a LOT of force in a short period of time- which is what plyometrics are all about.

Summary: Plyos are great for improving power, speed, and agility- all of which are necessary for soccer players to play at their best. However, before you start to do plyometric training, make sure you have a solid strength base.

PS. Want examples of plyometric exercises? Check out my videos on my YouTube channel here.