How Soccer Players Can Stay in Shape While Injured

29 Dec

Often times soccer players think that being “injured” means you can’t do any active activity. Truth is, with the guidance of a sports medicine professional, there are very few injuries you cannot train though- read on to find out how!

Keeping Up with Conditioning:

Whether you have an upper body, or a lower body injury, it’s often very possible to do some conditioning work while you’re injured. Exercises such as the battle ropes or the arm bike are great for getting your heart rate up, and low-impact machines like a bike or rower are great if you’re further along in the rehab process.

Staying Strong:

If you’re recovering from injury, your physio will likely have you do some sort of strength exercises to target the injured body part. But what about the rest of your body? If you have a lower body injury, its likely possible that you can participate in upper body lifts; and vice versa. And a little core work goes a long way too!

Improving Tactically:

Even if you’re stuck at home on bedrest, you can still do things to improve as a player! You can do things such as talk to your choices, watch your own film, and analyze your game to become more aware of your style of play. If you suffer a long term injury, you could even try and help your team as an assistant coach! That way, your team and coaches know you’re dedicated, engaged, and willing to do whatever it takes to stay valuable to the team.


You can still keep up with your conditioning, stay strong, and improve tactically while you’re injured! Furthermore, it is absolutely essential that you have a sports medicine professional to guide you though this process to ensure your rehab stays the #1 priority.