Nike Metcon 3 Review

20 Jul

Lifting in running shoes isn’t the best thing to do. I like most people, simply didn’t listen to this advice and lifted in running shoes for about 2 years. However, a few weeks ago, I went to Philly for a long holiday weekend.

When I got home, I realized that I forgot my running shoes (my only pair of sneakers) at my apartment. I was on a real good workout wave and there was no way I was going to let me forgetting a pair of sneakers hold up my regimen for weeks on end. So, I decided to buy a pair of lifting/training shoes.

I picked up a pair of Nike Metcon 3s for $89 at Dick’s Sporting Goods and I must say, I feel like Zeus whenever I work out in them.

Ok, ok maybe that’s a bit of a stretch but they do make a noticeable difference, especially doing squats and deadlifts. I do feel slightly more stable throughout any range of motion and feel the power I generate being used more efficiently. Also, the Metcon 3s are pretty versatile, and I have used them in Plyometic workouts such as Insanity.

So, if you are a beginner to intermediate lifter who is thinking about picking up a pair of shoes just for training- I’d say its worth it. I wouldn’t rush out to go buy a pair, but next time you do need a new pair or come across a good sale definitely consider it.