Pokemon GO: Solution to being Sedentary?

08 Aug

EVERYONE is playing Pokemon Go. In case you live under a rock, here’s how it works:

There are Pokemon “located” at certain places around your neighborhood. The Pokemon that show up depends on the environment around you. The objective of the game is to catch all 151 Pokemon, so to do that you must actually go out into the real world and look for them.

This game has managed to do something very few apps can: incentivize movement. From finding Pokemon, to hatching eggs, to visiting Pokestops, this game requires you to walk/run/bike/skate/ect. to progress (No driving allowed).

For the first time in decades, kids are off the couch, and outside, playing and interacting with one another. Even adults are flocking to the game during weekends and lunch breaks. Regardless of how silly you think the game is, anything that changes the tide of America’s sedentary epidemic deserves a round of applause.