Soccer Training in the Cold

08 Feb

Yoooo, it’s kinda cold out these days!! Soccer training in the cold is not easy. Need some training tips for the chilly weather? Look no further.

Extended Warm Up:

I consider the warm up one of the most important parts of any workout. It is when the body gets ready and primed for performance. During the warm up, your body actually raises its internal temperature. When it’s cold out, it’s going to naturally take longer for this temperature to rise. Which means, your warm up needs to be longer than normal. Your body needs more time to raise its internal temperature, so be sure to allow it to do so. 

Cold Weather Gear:

In cold temperatures, your typical soccer training gear might not do the trick. I recommend at least getting some sort of thermal, dry fit undershirt for training. Consider getting gloves with hand warmers as well. Depending on how cold your legs get, you can wear shorts, long pants, or shorts with compression pants below them. My #1 rule when it comes to wearing gear in the cold is this: avoid cotton, or anything that retains water when wet.

Stay Hydrated:

We often forget to hydrate in the cold, mostly because it doesn’t feel like you’re sweating. But guess what- you are! You also lose water by simply breathing cold air, as the vapor you see when breathing cold air is actually water vapor leaving your body. Also, your body’s thirst sensation isn’t as accurate when it’s cold out, which makes it difficult to gauge when you’re thirsty. I recommend drinking as much water as you would normally do during a standard session. Also, be sure to check your weight as well as the color of your urine both before and after training, to help keep your hydration level under control.