Summer ’17 Workout Plan

09 Jul

So I just graduated from college. My last semester at Temple was filled with so many activities- between working 40+ hours a week, going to class part time, and being president of a student org, my fitness level suffered tremendously. I’ve always been a relatively fit person, and this was the first time in recent memory that I spent a significant amount of time (2-3 months) without physical activity.

About a week after graduating, I moved back home and I knew I had to hit the gym hard. At 6’2, I was weighing in at 212 pounds, which was about 15 pounds above what I normally weigh. One summer ago, the Stronglifts 5×5 workout did wonders for getting my basic lifts up, so I decided to start there and alternate lifting and running 3 miles each day.

After about 3 weeks, I lost about 3 pounds (not bad), but I really wasn’t too happy, so I decided to switch it up. I wrote up my own strength-based workout and alternated doing this with the Insanity workout. I was also playing soccer and basketball once or twice a week. Nonetheless, 3 weeks later I still wasn’t happy with my results.

This is when I decided to make drastic changes to my diet. I was eating decently well, but not well enough. Because I was working 12+ hour shifts, I was often pressured to eat out for dinner at night. So, I also started bringing a full day’s worth of food to work every day to avoid buying junk food. Also, you know those things called cheat meals? Well all those summer holidays had me doing cheat weekends. Yeahhh I had to cut that out.

Low and behold, after 2 weeks of strict dieting I am now down 7 more pounds, making a total of 10 for the summer. What a difference a clean diet makes.

TL;DR: Don’t go 3 months without working out, cheat weekends are bad, and diet is everything